Cleve and Robin Young: Owners

Robin & Cleve both grew up in Greenville SC. They met in Church and after only two weeks, had engaged to be married. Looking back it is clear that spontaneity has played a prevalent role in their lives as family vacations to local spots would often lead them on adventures across the country or up the east coast to Maine or Vermont. It was this same spontaneity that led Cleve to pull over to check out an old abandoned building on the side of Hwy 19E. As Robin and daughter Lindsay begged and pleaded for Cleve to drive on, sons Cleveland, William, and Philip encouraged him to learn more about what they considered to be the coolest fort they had ever seen. They came to learn that the building was once the T.B. Vance General Store (circa 1919) and discovered the rich history surrounding Plumtree and rural appalachia. Although they were unsure what to do with the run down building, they did know that this area was where they would like to have a second home for future retirement.

Future retirement came three years later after spending most weekends driving up to the mountains to work on the place. When Cleve sold his concrete and construction company in 1995, the family made the move to Plumtree to live full time and continue on with their endeavors in the High Country. It was a family affair that has evolved to become what is now the Toe River Lodge. Their family has grown with the business into an extension that they call "The Lodge Family". Although Lindsay is not full-time with the business at this time, she lives only 10 minutes away and is still very involved with special projects and events. The business has really taken shape around various family interests and hobbies in combination with current market trends. They feel very blessed to live and work in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. Cleve and Robin’s role in the business is slowly diminishing as their sons continue to pave the way with their dedicated and hard working staff. After all, they are supposed to be retired!

Although this project has been extremely stressful at times & grown into something more elaborate than they ever dreamed, they would not change a thing. They believe the rewards from their endeavors are already realized in the legacy they are creating with their family. They hope that you will come see for yourselves why they don't want to call anywhere but Plumtree home.

Cleve & Robin


Robin Young


Cleve Young