Cleveland Young: Resident Artist

Cleveland has always had a knack for having an artistic outlook on projects. After graduating high school from J.L. Mann in Greenville, SC, he immediately moved with the family to embark on the “Plumtree Project”. His hobbies at a younger age were oriented towards the outdoors to include activities such as climbing, water sports, snowboarding, and motor sports. Ask him about pulling his brother Will on a hang glider behind a four wheeler or relying on his other brother Philip to put his fire engulfed head out after a fire poi spinning session gone wrong! Do you think we could make this up?

Working with a variety of mediums from metal to wood to stone, Cleveland has been able to apply his unique skillsets to transform landscaping, structural, and functional projects into works of functional art. He has been working since 2013 outfitting his studio in Plumtree, exited about pursuing the arts after years of dedicated hands on study. Cleveland loves to do commissioned work, but is very selective about who he will work for. His specialty is the incorporation of stone and metal works into functional landscaping. An experienced arborist and equipment operator, he brings tons of value to the Lodge and Brewery.

His most recent project was building four brewing systems for the brewery, each with a 3-barrel brew length. These systems will pave the way for the brewery’s expansion, and will allow for an incredible variety of product to go on tap. Look for Cleveland on the front porch enjoying a cold one, or in the studio creating something new!


Vance Toe River Lodge

Cleveland Young