Keith Flanders: Kitchen Maestro

Keith Flanders is our maestro in the kitchen. Responsible for keeping all of our guests and beer drinkers happy with a full belly, Keith began his kitchen career in Corinth, MS, at the age of 14. Since then, Keith has worked across the country in a subconscious effort to reside in the beautiful North Carolina High Country. Now that he is here, with his lovely wife Carrie and son Ivan, Keith enjoys calling the Appalachian Mountains home. Landing his first area job as a line cook (2003) and eventually head chef (2007) at the Blowing Rock Grille, he has honed his craft feeding people in various formats. Since 2012, Keith has been preparing food in our kitchen at the Lodge. Thanks to Keith, we are able to offer a great pub food menu, fine dining options, and elaborate buffets for special events. When not in the kitchen, Keith can be found introducing Ivan to the wonders of the world through camping, hiking, and fishing. Cheers! Keith

Vance Toe River Lodge

Keith Flanders