Will and Edie Young: Owners

Considering that Will grew up in Greenville, SC and Edie grew up in Pickens, SC only 30 minutes away, it is strange that they would meet and fall in love in Plumtree of all places. They have been married since 2004 and have two beautiful daughters. Will finished high school in Avery County and went on to graduate Appalachian State, whereas Edie preferred the warmth of the piedmont at Clemson University while earning a degree in English with a minor in history. As soon as Will graduated, He and Edie married and immersed themselves into the family business that has kept them on their toes ever since. There is no shortage of excitement as things have constantly changed and evolved to become what is now the Blind Squirrel Brewery & Lodge.

Edie is primarily our events planner, baker, and takes a large part in guests services while Will mostly oversees all of the daily operations and still maintains an active roll in the kitchen and brewery as Executive chef and head brewer. They are both highly active in the business and a typical day involves changing hats at least a dozen times. They feel very fortunate to work with a group of people that are as dedicated as they are to providing a unique experience to everyone that visits. Be careful how long you visit, you may find yourself compelled to stay forever!

They are often asked by guests what they like to do for fun and when do they get a chance to do it? Their fun exist in the midst of all of the controlled chaos they call "Life at the Brewery". They have had the opportunity to meet countless people and learn about their stories. With these stories comes the realization that everyone is unique and has something unique to share. Will is an avid juggler and enjoys most anything related to the outdoors. Edie loves a good book and is a bit of a foodie, which is really the reason Will had to sharpen his culinary skills. Although it is not often, they do escape Plumtree from time to time. Their travels take them near and far but they will always call Plumtree home. They hope you'll plan a visit or at least stop by on your way through.

Will & Edie

Vance Toe River Lodge

Edie Young

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Will Young

Juggling Life at “The Lodge” part 1

I am often asked by our guest where I find the time to accomplish the countless task that must be attended in the span of a day.  My simple response is that I’m a juggler.  I like to think of myself as “Gravity’s Liaison”, a mere intermediary between the props and the ground that allows for the beautiful simplicity of the dance to occur.  Object manipulation is not just my hobby, but it also my passion.  To me it is a metaphor for life, and through it I have gained patince, skill, humility, and a great deal of respect for all of the arts.  My goal is to remove myself from the equation as much as possible, because it is in that place that my mind is able to transcend and the objects do what they were always meant to do and we so often forget to do; they dance.  Life itself is a delicate dance.  Sometimes we get our toes stepped on, but more often than not we learn how to dance together.

If you would like to learn more about Juggling/Manipulation Arts, please feel free to pay me a visit.  I am almost always in Plumtree!  I always keep a variety of skill toys in the shop so stop on by and remember to “Think Less & Play More”.  That is something some great friends taught me.  You know who you are!

Thanks For Watching!!

An Introduction to Juggling Sticks & Various Demonstrations