Disc Golf

At Blind Squirrel, we take our disc golf almost a seriously as our beer! We offer 3 different disc golf experiences and each has something unique to offer. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro, you can come out to Plumtree and have a fun and exciting round!

“The Pint Killer”

The pint killer course is located at the taproom and is the warm up to the full 9 holes also on site. This course was born out of the desire to have a putting circuit that allows players to warm up with a unique variety of putts, upshots, and elevation shifts without having to walk back and forth or waiting turn with the traditional one basket configuration you see at all other courses. It just so happens it is the perfect sized course to kill a pint of our tasty ale!

Blind Squirrel Valley DGC

The valley disc golf course is a great beginner to intermediate course, but certainly remains a great quick round for advanced players as well. The first three holes offer the challenge of water, but after that you are pretty much in the clear until hole # 9. Hole #9 is a huge downhill open shot that presents a unique island green defined by the horseshoe shaped ditch line and the main field road. Landing outside of the island green requires players to take a drop 40 feet from the pin and putting for 3. This course is free to play as our way of welcoming newcomers to the sport of disc golf. Follow the link below to the course listing on DG Course Review for more details!

Blind Squirrel Mountain DGC

Our mountain disc golf course is located at the Farm Retreat and is intended for intermediate to advanced players. This is a serious round of disc golf offering an intense variety of technical golf. Be prepared to use a variety of throws and advanced concepts to properly execute an under par round. Overnight guests have full access to this course at no additional charge, while golfers just wanting to visit have to pay only $5 for the round. As always, your support in the taproom either before or after your round is always appreciated and is vital to the continued success of our disc golf program!
Follow the link below to visit the course listing on DG Course Review for more details. Hope to see you soon!