Camping Cabins

workstayThese completely unique cabins are designed to help you reconnect with nature by allowing a primitive camping experience without being fully exposed to the elements. The cabins are located in the central part of our property overlooking the other parts of the campground below. The bathhouse and parking is located 200-300ft away from the cabins. A central picnic shelter with charcoal grill and lighting provides a great spot to grill out on nice evenings.

During your stay you will have access to all of the Farm Retreat amenities. Central Wi-Fi access is provided if you need to stay connected to the real world. You will need to bring a cooler for your cold foods, toiletries, towels, sheets and bedding (Queen sized bed), pillows, and any other personal items you would normally want. Breakfast can be added to your stay for only $15/person/day. Unfortunately, we do not prepare Vegan breakfast meals. If you are Vegan we have very limited lunch and dinner options and you may want to plan to prepare all of your own meals.

Our camping cabins can be booked from April-October as they are not insulated and may be quite cool at the beginning and end of the season.

We look forward to meeting you and look forward to providing you with a quality camping experience! Cheers!